Monday, December 22, 2014

When to Use Landing Pages vs Direct Linking

One of the most common things that comes out of the affiliate mind is whether using a landing page is the best way to go or if direct linking provides affiliates with a better opportunity. Believe it or not, even experienced affiliates often find themselves wondering this so it’s not just limited to the beginners. Well, there are some things that you could look at in order to determine which one is truly the best strategy for your campaign, see it for yourself.

Who are you going to be using to drive traffic via PPC?

This is the most critical part when you’re trying to choose between using a landing page and doing a direct link to your offer. Some networks won’t allow direct linking while others do. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the choices for PPC traffic among affiliates today.

Google AdWords

Google is known for being one of the pickiest advertising networks. They seriously look at everything you can think of to make sure that they’re advertisers are delivering quality and relevant ads to their users. Some say you even need a landing page to even have a chance of advertising on Google.

It could also go as far as saying that one-page landers and direct linking are two things that Google won’t be afraid to deny when submitted for their approval. The best bet for trying to take advantage of this source of PPC traffic is to create a relevant mini-site that relates directly to your promoted offer.

MSN & Yahoo!

MSN & Yahoo! are two search engines that fall right below in Google for popularity, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Both of these search engines that provide advertising opportunities are easier to get approved with an ad that takes part in direct linking. If you want to give direct linking a shot using search traffic, these two are great places to try out.

Low-Tier PPC Networks

These are the smaller search engines and PPC networks such as Ask which really aren’t the mainstream choice among internet users. Low-tier PPC networks usually allow for direct linking and getting approval for your ads is usually much easier, as long as it doesn’t go too far out of the way to where they filter it out through a denial of course.

Is the offer that you plan to promote worthy of a landing page for it?

This is one thing that’s usually the tell-all when you’re trying to decide whether or not you should use a landing page for a particular offer. Most of the time, you’ll lose out on some of your clicks when you go with a landing page, but then again for certain offers it’s always good to pre-sell your prospective conversions to get them into their state of buying. You just have to take a close look at the offer and decide for yourself if it’s worth of the time and energy it takes to build an awesome landing page for it.

Are you still wondering which is the best route to take?

There’s only one option left if this is the case. Split-test with and without a landing page. If your conversions are higher with a landing page, this is the best route to take. If it’s higher with direct linking, well you know what to do.