Monday, December 1, 2014

Creating EMail Lists with PPV

This is one of the popular things that affiliates do with PPV traffic. Mainly because an e-mail list provides the opportunity to sell to the same person over and over again. Sounds pretty lucrative, right? It is if you do it wisely, just like anything else.

Getting Your Start With Using PPV Traffic for List Building

There are many niches that using an e-mail list can work for. In an effort to keep it simple, any niche where you can promote multiple products to one person is a prospect for this particular method. Some niches that this applies to includes, but is in no way limited to:

  • Business Opportunities
  • Dating
  • Financial
  • Internet Marketing
  • Weight Loss

The best way to uncover the golden niches where a mailing list could be effective is to ask yourself whether or not the audience that you’re targeting is going to be willing to make additional purchases on top of the one that you promote to them at first. Don’t limit your options, because that is where you’ll honestly start limiting your income.

2 Options, 1 Result

There are two ways that you can build a list using PPV traffic.

  1. Using a traditional landing page with an opt-in form incorporated into it where you could also be promoting a particular offer that you’re running with your favorite network.
  2. Using an “email capture” page that only displays the opt-in form with no focus on anything else but getting them to hand over their email address willingly.
See, it’s not as complicated as it sounded, is it?

Don’t neglect your list once it’s built. Keep building & keep earning.

The purpose of compiling a mailing list is so that you have the opportunity to increase your earnings through the conversion to multiple offers from one particular person. Keep your e-mail list rolling regularly so that you can keep earning consistently.

Also, try to add some value to your mailing list for your subscribers so that the unsubscribe rate doesn’t end up going through the roof because they see you as a spammer. The more loyal subscribers you keep on your mailing list, the more commissions you have the chance of making.