Monday, December 29, 2014

What is a Landing Page?

Many people see the word “landing page” time and time again. They even wonder what the heck all of the talk is about and they can’t be blamed for it, every single affiliate has had this sort of curiosity at one point in their career whether they will admit it or not. To keep it simple, a landing page is meant to be the “selling point” for any offers that you promote. The general concept is that you take the visitors who click on your ad from a point of curiosity to a point of actually wanting to get the offer that you’re promoting. It’s from this page that you’d link to your offer.

That all sounds good and great, but you kept it too simple!
I figured this would happen, which is why some of the basic concepts have been outlined for you below. Some like it simple, some want all of the meat on the bone so to speak.

What is a traditional landing page?

A traditional landing page is simply a page that you use to pre-sell your offer to those who may be interested in it, based upon the interest or curiosity that they had when they clicked your offers. This is hosted on your own web hosting and it’s just like a website, except it’s a single page with the content, graphics, and links that you use to get them into their buying mode.

You may also see this referred to in the industry as a “squeeze page” or by another term, for the complete list of landing page terms, make sure you check out the “Affiliate Marketing Terminology Glossary” that’s included with this guide.

What is a PPV landing page?

A PPV (Pay Per View) landing page is used on advertising networks that have websites which offer advertisements in the form of a pop-up window. A PPC landing page is the page that is displayed in the pop-up ad that focuses on generating a conversion from each visitor that gets popped in the face with it.

This is a great option since it’s essentially a more focused advertising option that allows the use of graphics and other cool tricks that Pay Per Click campaigns usually don’t come with. Some networks you might be able to pull off some tricks that you have in your bag, but a lot of them will limit you to what you can do whereas PPV networks tend to be a little bit more lenient.

Deciding Which Landing Page to Use for Your Campaign

It all depends upon your strategy and what kind of goals that you’d like to accomplish with paid advertising. However, you should look through this section to get a clear idea on what each option offers and doesn’t offer to truly see which one is going to be the best fit for your affiliate marketing business. Don’t just trust the word of others, remember that you have to see it to believe and the only way to do this is through your own free will.