Ryan EagleRyan Eagle's Introduction

My name is Ryan Eagle and I've been involved with affiliate marketing since 2005 on all different aspects of affiliate marketing ranging from being an actual affiliate, to running a network, to running a media buying agency with employees and finally running offers. I understand the in's and out's of affiliate marketing.

Even though I have been detached from affiliate marketing for about a year now as I'm taking a little hiatus to try new businesses, I have an exuberant amount of backlogged written material that I was going to release on this site. For example, I've created a multi-part guide explaining from start to finish how to get going with affiliate marketing that I never released. All of this will be given out for free - I'm simply posting this to help individuals get started on their own.

I love talking about myself but I'll spare you the time - you can learn more about me on my personal websitefollow me on Twitter, check out my pictures on Instagramask me questions on Ask.fm, or add me to Facebook.