Sunday, April 26, 2015

Affiliate Vocabulary

Welcome to EWA – the united republic of Eagle Web Assets – newbie guide about monitoring your ROI, understand a few terms, example campaign.

Every affiliate marketer needs to track, monitor and understand their campaign. You can’t just think that you put $5 and profit $20 in return. That won’t happen without proper monitoring. Monitoring means you must understand what you are investing both in money and time, and what you will get in return. I have previously in the guides before explained that if you spend $1 and make $2 your ROI is 100%. This is definitely right but you should also remember that we didn’t count in your time that you spend on making the ads, the landing page etc.

It’s good if you understand terms like ROI, CTR (click trough rate) and CR (conversion rate). I usually follow this quote that is also motivational for me: “Measure twice and cut once”.

Knowing following terms would do work a lot easier. Again, it’s not something you need to know to make your first dollar at EWA but with this, you can go very far! I like to learn the things right from the first, so I don’t need to spend time when I have something working. I can put the time and effort into digging more into what I have working, to give it more traffic, to have more conversions etc, but we all have different learning process. 

CPC: Cost Per Click. i.e. the total cost of impressions.

CPV: Cost Per View.

CPM: Cost Per thousands impressions.

EPC: Earnings Per Click. i.e. total revenue / number of clicks (make sure this is higher than your CPC).

CPA: Cost Per Action. i.e. total cost of traffic / number of conversions.

CPL: Cost Per Lead i.e commission per lead.

ROI: Return On Investment. i.e. revenue - cost / cost. 100% ROI means you doubled your money.
SUR: Sign Up Rate. i.e. signups / views. (used for email marketing).

SubID: Unique ID that record clicks an impressions and conversions on the offer.

Conversion pixel: URL from tracking software to be placed on your offer page to record conversions.

Impressions: Number of visitors on a LP or ad. For example  when your ad is being seen on PoF.

Profit: Total of the money earned more than costs.

AM: Affiliate manager.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Affiliate Sales Process

The Sales Interaction Process:

      Start out building rapport, but don't approach the person simply for friendship nor should you approach them simply for traffic. You'll get the hang of this quickly, but it does require some finesse. You should get some very basic information about them and jump into asking them about any problems they may have.

      Affiliates are smart and they do not want to waste time with you learning about their dog on the first interaction.
      After getting initial rapport questions, begin asking about problems they may have so you can offer solutions.
      Do not waste too much time on this stage because people hate wasted time.

      Start the investigating stage (most important stage). Successful sales people ask the most questions related to our target earn the most success by far. This is the stage where you learn about what they do, how they work, what traffic sources they focus on, what offers they are seeking. The most successful closers don't use closing techniques to close sales, they ask more questions and use these questions as part of the process of closing.

      Your goal should be to find indirect or direct needs of the affiliate. An indirect need would be, "I'm running french dating". A direct need would be "I need french dating". The same applies for specific traffic sources as well ("I'm running on trafficvance" vs "I need offers for traffic vance". Understanding the difference is vital in this process.

      The more questions you ask (with actual goals behind the questions) the better rapport you will have. Affiliates like to be sold to and want to tell about themselves for the most part.

      Developing needs into wants. The goal of this is to find out what these individuals needs then turn them wants. You need to make the publisher actually want what you are offering, you cannot force feed what you want for the publisher. You should, from the beginning of the interaction, develop a 'problem solving' atmosphere where you identify problems, and develop solutions with the affiliate.

      Implied needs ≠ not successful sales, you need to turn them into direct needs and eventually into wants.

      By developing a problem solving atmosphere  the interaction gives the impression that the publisher is actually making decisions to work with us by themselves. This is highly positive and necessary as we cannot force feed these people.

      If they have implied problems, then you should work with them to make the implied problems more serious than they are - following up with positive questions like "if we bumped you on this payout to $5.75 would that make you more profitable?". This produces a negative problem, then positive solution they dictate to you.

      Closing the sale. You need to set goals for every interaction with publishers. There are two successful goals to achieve: an advancement (setting another specific time to actually continue this discussion, for example), or an actual sale(margin actually starts getting generated). If an affiliate says that they will "contact you sometime next week", it's most likely them blowing you off. Be sure to set realistic goals for these publishers that you can actually achieve, and in most cases it's not going to actually be a margin generating sale on the first interaction.

      Set realistic goals, for example a specific 'advancement' that will reconnect on another contact. Keep in mind, 1/10th of the interactions with new relationships will result to actual margin so you may require a series of communications.

      Realize that we are working with ultra-sophisticated salesmen that rule with logic, not impulse. Thousands or millions of dollars ride on their decisions. Do not ever use 'techniques' on people, they will revolt. Force feeding sales using pressure actually results in lower post-sale happiness, meaning the long term relationship may be damaged.

      Using aggressive or repetitive closing techniques in a sales interaction with a long-term relationship severely damages it. You are not selling cellphones to people, these decisions are highly impactful. Aggressive closing works on impulse and emotional decision.

      Not all closing is bad because at the end of the day, you need to close the sale to actually get the margin. When closing, tell them - don't ask them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Affiliate Marketing Terminology Glossary


1      2-Tier Program - When affiliates refer their friends, family, and colleagues to an affiliate network with a 2-tier program, they’re able to earn commissions on the conversions that their referrals make on top of the commissions that they earn from their own campaigns.
2      3 Way Links -
3      301 Redirect -
4      302 Redirect -

5      Above the Fold
6      Ad Copy
7      AdSense - Slang used for Google AdSense to abbreviate.
8      Advertiser
9      Advertising Network
10   Adware
11   Affiliate
12   Affiliate Agreement
13   Affiliate Data Feed
14   Affiliate Link
15   Affiliate Manager
16   Affiliate Marketer - Synonym for affiliate.
17   Affiliate Network
18   Affiliate Program
19   Affiliate Summit
20   Algorithm
21   Anchor Text
22   Arbitrage
23   Article Marketing
24   Article Writer -
25   Associate - Synonym for affiliate.
26   Authority Site
27   Auto-Approve
28   Automation
29   Autoresponder
30   Aweber
31   Banner Ad
32   Birdman - THE MAN! Some say this guy flies alongside planes. Others may think that he comes off as arrogant. Some hate him, some love him. Birdman, more formally known as Ryan Eagle is a legend within the affiliate marketing industry due to the great strides he has made throughout his career. For those who know him, they know that sleep is one thing he doesn’t do, he’s got too much to do and innovation calls his name. He’s also the one behind making this guide possible.
33   Black Hat SEO
34   BLAM Ads
35   Blog
36   Blog Network
37   Browser
38   Bookmark
39   Bum Marketing
40   Button Ad
41   Buzzword
42   Charge Back
43   Clickbank
44   Click & Bye
45   Click Fraud
46   Click Fraud Detection
47   Click Fraud Monitoring - Synonym for click fraud detection.
48   Click-Through
49   Click-Through Ratio (CTR)
50   Cloaking
51   Cloud
52   Cloud Hosting
53   Co-Branding
54   Collaborative Commerce Networks
55   Commission
56   Content
57   Content Creation
58   Content Development - Synonym for content creation.
59   Content Islands
60   Content Locker
61   Content Locking
62   Content Marketing
63   Content Types
64   Content Writer
65   Context-Centric
66   Contextual Link
67   Contextual Merchandising
68   Conversion
69   Conversion Rate
70   Cookie
71   Cookie Expiration
72   Cookie Retention - Synonym for cookie expiration.
73   Copy
74   Copywriter
75   Copywriting
76   Cost Per Action (CPA)
77   Cost Per Click (CPC)
78   Cost Per Lead (CPL)
79   Cost Per Order (CPO) - Similar to cost per sale, this term is used to describe how much it will cost when an order is placed.
80   Cost Per Sale (CPS)
81   Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
82   CPV Lab
83   Crawling
84   Cross-Linking
85   Customer Bounty

86   Demographics
87   Disclaimer
88   Domain Name
89   Doorway Page
90   Double Opt-In
91   Download
92   Duplicate Content
93   Eagle Web Assets
94   Earnings Per Click (EPC)
95   E-book
96   Effective Cost Per Click (ECPC)
97   Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions (ECPM)
98   E-mail Link
99   E-mail Marketing
100 E-mail Signature
101 Endorsement Letter
102 Evergreen
103 EWA Network
104 Exclusivity
105 External Linking
106 Exact Match Domain (EMD)
107 E-zine
108 Ezine Articles

109 Facebook
110 Feeder Sites
111 Footer
112 Forum
113 Free
114 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
115 Google Algorithm
116 Google Analytics
117 Google AdSense
118 Google AdWords
119 Google Panda
120 Google Penguin
121 Googleplex
122 Google Sandbox
123 Google Slap
124 Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)
125 Greyhat SEO

126 Hit
127 Home Page
128 Hop Link
129 Hybrid Model
130 Hyperlink
131 HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

132 Impression
133 Inbound Linking
134 Indexed
135 In-House
136 Internet Marketer
137 Internet Marketing
138 Internet Service Provider (ISP)
139 IP Address

140 Javascript
141 Joint Venture (JV)
142 Jump Link - Synonym for Hop Link.

143 Keyword
144 Keyword Analysis
145 Keyword Density
146 Keyword Selector Tool
147 Keyword Set Type

148 Landing Page (LP)
149 Lead
150 Lifetime Commission
151 Lifetime Value of a Customer (LVC)
152 Link Builder
153 Link Cloaking - Synonym for cloaking.
154 Link Farm
155 Link Juice
156 Link Love
157 Link Network
158 Link Popularity
159 Links
160 Link Wheel
161 Long Tail
162 LSI

163 Manual Approval
164 Master Resale Rights (MRR)
165 Media Metrix
166 Merchant
167 Meta Refresh Redirect
168 Meta Tags
169 Minimum Threshold - Synonym for payment threshold.
170 Mininets
171 Mini Site
172 Monetize
173 Money Page
174 Money Sites
175 Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

176 Negative Keywords
177 Newbie
178 Newsgroup
179 Niche
180 Niche Marketing
181 Noob - Synonym for newbie.
183 Online Commercial Intent (OCI)
184 One Way Links
185 Opt-IN
186 Outbound Link

187 P3P Privacy Policy
188 PageRank (PR)
189 Payment Threshold
190 Pay Per Click (PPC)
191 Pay Per Lead (PPL)
192 Pay Per Sale (PPS)
193 Pay Per View (PPV)
194 Performance-Based Marketing
195 Pinging
196 Plugin
197 Podcast
198 Portable Document Format (PDF)
199 Portal
200 Predatory Advertising
201 Privacy Policy
202 Private Label Rights (PLR)
203 Product Rights
204 Profit
205 Prosper202

206 Quality Score
207 Quarter

208 Reciprocal Link
209 Recurring Commission
210 Redirect
211 Redirect Link
212 Referring URL
213 Resell Rights (RR)
214 Residual Earnings
215 Return Days
216 Return On Advertising Spending (ROAS)
217 Return On Investment (ROI)
218 Revenue
219 RSS Feed

221 Scrub
222 Scumware - Synonym for adware. Use this to define**
223 Search and Content Networks
224 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
225 Search Engine Results Placement (SERP)
226 Search Term Suggestion Tool
227 Server
228 Shadow Domains
229 Silo Content
230 Sitemap
231 Spam
232 Spider Detection
233 Storefront
234 Spyware - Synonym for adware.
235 Strength of Competition (SOC)
236 Super Affiliate
237 Syndication

239 Targeted Marketing
240 Targeted Traffic
241 Text Link
242 Third Party Tracking Software
243 Title Tag
244 Tracking
245 Tracking202
246 Tracking Code
247 Tracking Method
248 Tracking URL
249 Traffic

250 Uber Affiliate - Synonym for super affiliate.
251 Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
252 Unique Click
253 Uniques - Synonym for unique visitor.
254 Unique User - Synonym for unique visitor.
255 Unique Visitor -
256 Upload

257 Verified Opt-In
258 Video Marketing
259 Viral
260 Viral Marketing

261 Weblog
262 Web Host
263 Web Hosting
264 Webmaster
265 Website
266 White Hat SEO
267 World Wide Web

268 XML


269 Yahoo!